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    By Carolynn

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    When I taught third, I used rubrics that were staggered. For example, I always started with conventions as I wanted the kids to use those throughout the year. So the rubric I used first just had conventions. Then, I taught ideas. So the next rubric had ideas and conventions. Then I taught voice so it had conventions, voice and ideas. Then organization....etc. Was it But like the pp said I didn't want to overwhelm and I felt this way I was showing them they had to be responsible for what we had learned. Did I talk about other traits before I taught them, yes but when I modeled to the whole class. I really didn't point them out to them in their writing. Now that I'm in middle school I do what the pp said by highlighting the traits we've learned in blue...those count for points and the others I highlight in yellow as they earn no points. I do find though that the yellow does help the kids and me. It helps me to certainly see what I need to focus on when we get there. In my district they've learned the traits previously so I think this is the best way to go and I cover the traits very quickly at the start of the year so we are using the whole rubric soon. I then go into more depth.

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