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    By kimberly

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    I have been struggling with this for five years. I THINK I have found my solution. I hope so because I have tried everything.

    The file folders didn't work because I would lose papers, give out my original. So I hole punched and put in binders. The pages ripped out. My solution although somewhat expensive has helped me so far. I bought page protectors and more binders. I put all my originals in the page protectors. When I need to copy I just copy through the protector. Downside is you have to manually place the page on the copier. But I haven't lost my originals since. As soon as I get back to my room Iput the original back in the binder (which I leave open to that spot) and put the binder away.

    As for all the crap we accumulate because we might need it someday.Go through it. Ask yourself "Have I used this ...Ever? No? pitch it.

    Like you after a couple of weeks my systems fall apart as the days speed up. Recruit a parent helper. Train her in your organizational system. I have made parents and invaluable resource for me and they take care of the repetitive stuff, like DOL and daily math. I just teach and assess. They do the prep work.

    One day I had to have a sub but of course I still had to drop off a sheet I had made up the night before at home. When I walked into the classroom that morning my parent volunteer was showing my sub everything about the day. If I could afford to higher a secretary (as all other professions have) I would have hired that woman!

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