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    Vowel Code Rap & Vowel Sounds Song
    By Sundancesally

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    Every year I teach my 2nd graders the following rap and song using the sounds of the vowels. Since I can't type in the vowel sound markings, I used parenthesis to indicated what sound to say. I sure hope all this makes sense.

    Vowel Code Rap:

    "Come on everybody, let's crack the code.
    Then all you readers can hit the road.
    a (make short a sound), a (make long a sound), a (make dotted a sound)
    e (short e sound), e (long e sound)
    i (short i sound), i (short i sound)
    When you know the vowels, the limits the sky!
    o (short o sound), o (long o sound), o (dotted o sound)
    Is what you say.
    Then u (short u sound), u (long u sound), u (dotted u sound)
    Yeah, that's the way."

    I teach thenm hand signals along with the rap:
    flat hand for long sign
    cupped hand for short sign
    2 fingers pointing to show dotted sign

    Vowel song to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

    "The letter a says a, a, a (say short, long, dotted sounds)
    a, a, a,
    a, a, a,
    The letter a says a, a, a all day long"

    Continue this with all the vowels.

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