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    re: julie
    By ab

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    Hi--you said you've taught for awhile in this type of school--do you recommend sticking it out? I know I'm going to finish my first year, but I'm struggling with whether or not to come back. I "want" to but I don't know if I can take it physically, emotionally, or financially year after year. My heart wants to stay and try to be something positive for these children who desperately need and deserve--but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I know that parents are a big problem, but a bigger problem to me is the lack of opportunities by the school system. I know money is a huge factor--and that's sad--but I wish so much for the children to be able to have chances at music, art, PE, anything. We have a PE teacher, but she only works with the upper grades. And the art teacher only works with the "gifted art" who she chooses. ???
    We don't have a nurse either. Our principal is 70 something years old and is a power guy--all he wants is paddling (something I don't)_and to sell candy at the concession stand. There are no priorities at my school. It makes me sad, mad, and I want to TRY to make a dent in the negative, but how? I'm too scared to ask or confront my principal, but feel guilty to sit back and settle for what we've got. The other teachers in my school don't like the way things are but don't want him to leave or a big change, because they say we'll get someone who might be better, but they don't want more restrictions/requirements of them. The principal now basically let's us be--which is good and bad. So I guess my main question is how to be my best, when the "situation" takes everything out of me? And how, if at all, to take action in school problems without getting fired! I live an hour away, so I feel stuck. Is money a real lacking in these schools or could they re-prioritize? I'm totally clueless and would love some veteran input! Thanks in advance,

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