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    place value riddles
    By klperry

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    This game is fun, my kids love it! We usually play when we have 5 extra minutes or so.

    Get a volunteer to the board (at the beginning of the year I let the kids pick a partner to take with them.)

    Ask the kiddo to add some lines to the board (for example __ __ ,__ __ __. Now, as the kids get better at this, and for a little differentiation, I ask them how many places they want.

    Write down a number on a post-it, just for your reference. Then give the kid clues on each number for the corresponding place.

    For example:

    36, 972

    Clue #1 the number in the tens place is the number of Dwarfs with Snow White.

    Clue #2 The number in the ten thousands place is the number of students in our classroom who are left handed (see...allows for interaction and community building)

    Clue #3 The number in the thousands place is twice the number of the ten thousands place...

    and so on....THEN...the kiddo has to read their number to the class.

    For kids who struggle with this concept, or at the beginning of the year, I teach the kids to write "O" "T" "H" Th" "HTh" etc under the lines for the digits. It just helps them stay organized.

    And, I keep up the place value chart for the first couple weeks of school, so they can get help from that if they want.

    By the end of the year my kids are up to billions and the clues are more like "the number in the hundred millions is the number of degrees in a circle...added together" ( 3+6+0=9.)

    We get crazy with this game, I have a lot of fun interacting with the kids. Every once in a while a kid will make up a riddle for me or other students.

    We integrate angle measures in geometry, number of states that border ours, number of continents, numbers from novels in our book groups, the possibilities are endless... gets the kids excited about being at the board.

    5 minutes every day is worth it!

    If you have dry-erase boards the kids could do them at their desks or on paper for a quiz while you call them out.

    I taught 3rd-4th summer school and this game went over big...they wanted to play constantly.

    Hope this is as fun for your kids as it is for mine :)

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