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    I do the same as Nik. However, we go over the answers in class. Every four weeks or so we have a quiz covering the DOGs

    RE: The Themes - I review them with all four of my 5-8 classes even though two of them (5,8) have history.

    5th grade - Divide the group into five teams putting each team in charge of a theme. Each group makes a poster.

    6th grade - same as the above but they make a powerpoint presentation

    7th Grade - Choose five pictures from maps, magazines, newspapers, and photographs that represent each of the five themes of geography.
    Create a booklet illustrating these five themes. The booklet should begin with a title page. Each subsequent page should focus on a theme with the definition highlighted somewhere on that page. Each photograph or illustration must relate to the theme on
    the page and should include a caption describing its applicability.

    8th Grade -Use the newspaper, magazines, pamphlet, flyers, etc. (whatever is the most readily available) to cut out an example of each of the five themes of geography. The examples are glued to the R side of their Interactive Notebooks. Under each example cut out, write what theme it represents and a sentence stating why it represents that theme. (The Left side of the IN contains notes taken while reviewing the Five themes.)

    Example. Location: (Picture of a car accident from a paper) This picture shows relative location because it portrays an accident by the Drive-In Theatre on Highway 52 two miles west of Everywhere, USA.

    RE: Map Skills. I teach map skills all year long as it relates to what we are studying. In sixth grade, however we do an activity at the beginning of the year where we review latitude and longitude. Each student writes down three places they have either lived or visited in the United States and the latitude and longitude. The following day i give each student a large map to the United States and a list of latitude and longitudes from at least one location from each student. We then review directions on how to properly lable and color a map. They identify the places on the map and lable them. I usually give them a large map (12x18) because they love doing maps when they do not have to crowd things in.

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