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    By Rebecca

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    When studying this with my third graders, we do several activities.

    First we talk about layers. I put items up on the board such as a birthday cake, pizza, a present, hamburger, etc. Then we list all the layers of each and record them.

    Next I give them a ziploc with the following items ( a choc. covered cherry, a sandwich cookie, a grape with seeds) and a worksheet that has each item listed (with a picture of each item and an arrow going to each layer with a blank beside it to list that layer.) They open their bags and take each item apart exposing each layer and then recording it on their paper. Then we discuss their findings as a group.

    The next day we make a model of the earth.
    They each get a small amount of each color playdough(re, yellow, blue, and green) in a ziploc. They do each step as I call it out.
    1. They roll their little piece of red into a ball(this represents the core).
    2. Next they carefully ut their yellow around the red(not disturbing it) to represent the mantle.
    3. They carefully place the blue and green around the yellow to represent the crust.
    4. Then we use a plastic knife to cut it in half to expose the layers.
    They put it back in their ziploc to take home.

    My students love this!

    Becky, I think you are the one that requested my ideas on Rocks and Minerals. Let me know if I sent it to you because I had a lot of requests that I did send. I just don't know if you were one of them. Let me know!

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