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    SAS for last 10 years
    By PeeWeeStein

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    I was in a shopping mall with my daughters and my lower back and legs and feet were killing me as usual. I saw a shoe store SAS's and thought I would get some new shoes. I had only tried high heels once as a teenageer and decided to always wear flat shoes. So I found a pair of tie flat dress shoes and when I tried them on they did not pinch my toes or heels and so I put my old shoes in a bag and bought and wore the new shoes out of the store.

    I walked around the mall for a little bit and by the time I got to the parking lot to go home I noticed the back, leg, and foot pain was gone. It has been gone ever since. I buy 2 pair each year and that is my supply of shoes for the year. The old ones I use for outside work and the new ones for work.

    When my mother was in her 70's she was complaining about foot pain and I took her to SAS in Waco Texas for her birthday and bought her a pair of flat shoes and she felt so good wearing those shoes I use to get her a pair every year for her birthday until she was 80 and passed away. She never complained of neck or back or leg or foot pain since the day I got her the first pair of SAS shoes.

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