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    By MrsJ

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    I've been using this for at least 5 years- I've lost track! I team teach for math, so even though my co-teacher doesn't use the levels of behavior, I felt it was necessary to take a math period and teach it to her kids since I would have them an hour every day. Nobody ever criticizes the system, but they don't seem to realize that by giving rewards they are completely going against the philosophy of intrinsic rewards. I think if you are consistent when their classes are with you, you can use the levels of behavior with them. I wouldn't get involved with rewards and a class store, but you can't tell her what to do. Stick to what you think is right in your room with whatever kids you teach, and at least they'll be responsible for themselves for part of the day. I do understand your frustration, because our guidance counselor, whom I adore, wanted us to give out prizes for kids acting brave, especially kind, etc. The ultimate would be if the whole school participated, or at least a grade level. Oh, this kind of goes along with it- another new kick of mine is "A Complaint Free World." I think I'll post this. There's a minister out in Minnesota who started this- you get a purple bracelet (like "Livestrong") and every time you find yourself complaining, criticizing, or gossiping, you switch it to the other wrist. They say if you do something for 21 days, it's a habit. He has a free curriculum you can download to teach the kids, and for just shipping and handling all the kids can get the bracelets. I'm pretty sure the website is It's a great book- reminds me of the levels of behavior- all about being positive. Sorry this is so long! Good luck!

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