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    Workshop Grades
    By sportwinds

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    For my 5th grade class I end up with one or two assessment grades and two classwork grades each week. The assessments I get from the reading textbook: comprehension and/or skill pages.

    For the classwork grades I use the following:
    Workshop written work grade: I create a rubric based on all of the written assignments that I'll collect. I weight them and tell the kids on Monday how each will count. Each child must turn in his/her reading folder on Thursday with all of these written assignments included. Sometimes the assignments were completed together or already this case I weight them less on the rubric, but the student will lose points if the page(s) weren't put in the folder.

    Workshop progress grade: I create a rubric for the following things:
    -group work
    -participation (which includes attentiveness)
    -Level of Independence (Tons of questions, on task at centers)
    -Level of progress
    This becomes a very subjective grade...but I'll be honest, I am a very tough grader on this. I use this grade to get my high kids to strive higher ("level of progress"), and my struggling students to participate and stay on task. It is very difficult to get a 100 with this, and easy to get a C early in the year.
    To quantify my reasoning, I keep a tally chart with me at all times during workshop. It has 4 columns on top to match the categories, and lasts for the week).
    I mark a tally every time someone will get points taken off.

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