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    Thanks, mary3rd!
    By pg

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    :) That's really interesting to read!

    I, luckily, seldom have to administer punishments. When I do, I try to use natural consequences ~ and succeed for the most part. I do pass out stickers ~ but I use these more to help track progress or effort made on different activities. Sure, at different times, so many stickers will resort in a positive. For me, I see that as more of a natural consequence, too ~ a celebration of their success. It's not meant as a bribe ~ hopefully, it's not taken that way. Based on this conversation, I will work this year to make that very clear! (I suppose I will want to emphasize that they have choices and that they need to do what feels right for them. Additionally, I suppose, I will want to be sure and make pauses in these conversations, giving them time to consider their actions.)

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer! It was interesting!

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