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    By Angie

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    In our weather unit, part of the objectives are to learn forecasting skills. We have a morning news program that kids do and we started doing the "Weather Watch" everyday for the school. If you don't have this--you can do it for just your classroom. I made a "script" that they fill in the blnaks on each day and they can find all the info on and by observing what is happening outside. It had things about temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, tomorrow's forecast, etc. It was their favorite part of the unit and they understand fronts, tempertaure indicators, cloud indicators, and MUCH more!
    We also design "cloud Charts" for all the different types of clouds--making them out of cotton balls and putting them at the appropriate level on a long sheet of bulletin board paper. We hung them all around the room and the kids really knew which clouds went where!
    As part of our unit, we had to learn the water cycle and we did this by designing our own water cycles--the kids studied what happens in the water cycle and then had to recreate that in the classroom--I got very scientific ones (bottle on the windowsill) and very creative ones ( a silent play)! It was lots of fun either way!!
    Hope I helped! Good luck!

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