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    Confronting the coop teacher
    By Sarah

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    You have my sympathy. Being a student teacher is hard, because you have to answer to so many people ... and you don't even get paid! I know I was constantly freaked out about the cooperating teacher or university supervisor watching me. Although everything turned out okay because I had supportive cooperating teachers (okay, one supportive and one apathetic), there was another student teacher at my school who was unlucky enough to be in a situation like yours. Her cooperating teacher was the teacher at the school who was a joke to other teachers because she was so self-absorbed and so irritating. She gave the student teacher poor ratings. The student teacher was, understandably, concerned. She talked to the university supervisor, who, surprisingly, had been contacted by OTHER teachers at the school who said that the supervisor shouldn't take this particular cooperating teacher's evaluations seriously. Anyway, the supervisor told the student teacher that she would attach a letter to the cooperating teacher's evaluation indicating that the student teacher had gotten a bad placement and that this cooperating teacher should not be taken seriously. If you trust your supervisor or somebody else at your college, maybe you could talk to that person about your concerns. I realize it's hard, but hopefully there is a trustworthy person who you feel comfortable with.

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