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    Feeling better... thanks!
    By Kiru

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    Hi there!

    Lori and Amy, thanks for your tips and advice. The ball throwing tip is a cute one, though I would worry about my ability to control the (possible) ensuing chaos! When I become more experienced, I'll definitely use that one! It's a good waker-upper!

    I really like the "be yourself" approach because it feels more natural and I won't be fighting an uphill battle the whole way. It really is hard to try to adopt someone else's style. I guess why I put that pressure on myself was because I feel an expectation from my teacher to be more engaging and entertaining. That is something that she values. When she notices the children losing interest, she sees that as a sign that my teaching is not engaging enough. So... there's two conflicting messages I'm getting from her. Pretty frustrating, but I guess I just have to find my own balance and hope that she's happy w/ it. SIGH...

    Thanks for listening!


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