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    that's nuts
    By Jalon

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    The comment your principal made about "three sides" is nuts.

    I had a similar issue happen with a primadona student who didn't like that I just didn't drop everything and "give" her answers. So she made up things to her mom. The mom called the principal. However, my principal called me in, got the straight of things, defended me to the mom and had a talk with the student. End of story and problem.

    In your situation, it would make complete sense for you to have been called in about the parent call and aware that students were being questioned. To find out all of this at an evaluation is crazy! How long ago had all this happened? It's also too bad that the parent didn't come to you first, but many don't and think if they head straight to the principal they'll get a better, faster result. :rolleyes:

    At our school, the principal would ask a parent if they had talked to the teacher first. If the parent hadn't, then the principal would direct them to the teacher. Gotta love that. :)

    Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully others will have some insight or experience on what to do about bringing up the letter issue.

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