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    Forgetting Name
    By jana

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    I teach 1st. grade and have never taught 3rd, so if this is too babyish just ignore:

    I teach them this song:

    The first thing on my paper is my name,
    the first thing on my paper is my name.

    My teacher needs to know,
    who did this work and so....

    The first thing on my paper is my name.

    I cannot place what tune this is sung to but all I have to do is hum or sing part of the 1st. verse and all the students sing from memory automaticaly.

    I have also put some kind of visual reminder on their desk to help them remember to label their papers with their name.

    I also assign each student a number at the beginning of the year that they have to write on every assignment. This number is also written on a sticker that lables their mailbox and desk.

    The following takes place after I have had several student conferences and have communicated with the parent several times about the problem:
    For the "repeat-offenders" who do this chronically, I have them stay in for recess and they have to re-do the work or practice writing their name. This usually "cures" the problem for probab. about 80%. I also remind them the rule "No name, no work, no grade." This may sound kind of harsh, but you can get to the point where it drives you crazy. All of my students' grades have to be entered on the computer and report card info. is gleamed from these. What is also maddening is when you have chronic absentees who have missed assingnments.

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