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    Here's a strategy!
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    In one of my classes I just recently learned about something called the Goldilock's Strategy. THis would work well for children in second grade. Children decide on their own if a book is too easy, too hard, or just right. For example, a book that is too easy would have too many pictures. A book that is too hard would have not enough pictures. A book that is just right would have some pictures. I wish I could give a few more examples, but I lost my sheet with all the ideas. However, what I would do is make a poster and hang it up in the room where all the children could see it. Maybe it would also be good to have the children keep a record of books that they read that were too easy, too hard, or just right.
    If children read material that is appropriate for their reading level, they will become more likely to continue to read because it is not too easy and not too boring. Most importantly, they are successful.
    I hope this helps!

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