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    Real World
    By A Teacher

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    Face it kiddies, the Real World of teaching, is not on MTV. I came to this site to get some inside information on student teachers as some will be participating in my class this year.

    The truths: 1) All teachers do not want to train a student teacher. It is more hard work for us to do. Do you not think that we went back to our seminars and whined about our cooperating teachers?

    The vast majority of teachers and principal (who hire) are not wearing body piercings (that show).

    Principals and teachers often "joke" about the job applicants who came in for interviews dressed in ridiculous ways -- they just hire the other ones.

    Yes, I know it seems heartless -- but it is the truth.

    Regarding being a cooperative teacher -- My college called several of my friends from my graduating class that are teaching in the area (we keep in touch) I am the only one who agreed to take a student.

    With the pressure for test scores, reevaluations, and all the stuff you need to read about on the VENT and VENT II, a student teacher is a big responsibility.

    As far as the belly piercing, I wouldn't worry about it-- maybe she doesn't know it shows. If it were me, I would ask her about it. (How else are you going to learn?).

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