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    Travelling Teddy
    By Emme

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    I'm in first grade sarahmarch and my kiddles love to take home Toby my Travelling Teddy. I don't think you should give up your bear!

    We start in late Novemeber when they are getting some independent writing skills, and they take Toby overnight. He doesn't go on weekends, but he usually has time to make at least two rounds before we are on to other things. I take a photo of Toby leaving with them for the illustration. I used to send a disposable camera along but I got too many extraneous photos (I was paying for developing). Toby has his own bear sized backpack and sleeping bag (from Build-a-Bear), slippers, blanket, a toothbrush, and a few cute clothes donated over the years. He also brings a storybook.

    Toby is allergic to smoke, and goes into the child's bedroom if someone smokes. His diary goes into the child's backpack with a letter explaining what we're doing and encouraging the child to write the sentences him/herself. Before Toby starts going home I do a page, my assistant, and our principal, so there are several samples of simple sentences and good printing.

    The other diaries/journals I do include a different mascot (goes with our year long theme) a Birthday Journal with several birthday story books, a birthday pencil to keep, (they write about how they celebrated) and a Lost Tooth Journal where they write about how they lost a tooth. I don't save these year to year, they are given away with other class-made books at years end. Several retired Toby Bears are on the back shelf of my classroom for reading to and cuddling.

    I love the idea of a post card showing the bear enjoying summer! Also the year end sleepover with partying animals. And the penguin traveling in a cooler too! Gonna steal those!

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