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    Our Mascot's Name is Frango (kind of long!)
    By sarahmarch

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    Hi -- here is what I do in my kindergarten classroom:

    I have a purple stuffed bear named Frango (he was from Macy's with Frango chocolates attached and his footpad has "Frango" embroidered on it, hence the name). Frango goes home for the weekend with the Star of the Week. He goes in a clear plastic backpack, along with a composition book, toothbrush, baby blanket, and assorted clothing past students have bought for him at places like Build-a-Bear (their own idea, by the way). A laminated page is also in the backpack to tell families what is expected for a weekend with Frango. I'm not sure how to attach a copy of the note that goes home in Frango's Backpack, as well as the note inviting stuffed animals for "Frango's Sleepover" at the end of the school year -- I will try later (for the "sleepover" in June I arrange the animals for the children to discover the next morning -- playing board games, sleeping in, eating snack, at the listening center, and more).

    Frango's Journal has come back with everything from simple hand-written journal entries to x-rays of Frango at the dentist. (I am not kidding -- imagine being the parent who has to try to follow that journal entry!) I have two completed Frango Journals and one in progress. The past two are in the Cozy Corner (class library) and students love looking at their older school mates, older siblings, etc. in the journal.

    A "backstory" has developed over the years with Frango -- His name is Frango J. Bear (middle name is James). He has lots of cousins (sees them at students' houses if their parents bought them Frango bears, too) and a sister named Holly who lives with me. In the summer I always send the students of the past year's class each a picture of Frango sitting in a chaise lounge with sunglasses on and an ice water. On the back I write "How Frango Spent His Summer Vacation." They really like that.

    Next year I am moving up to 1st Grade and I will really miss Frango!

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