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    Teaching Elementary Maths
    By Ms Julin Tan

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    I emailed the same message to someone earlier and when I went further down the list I saw your "HELP" plea.

    Writing numbers is not much of a problem. Kinds have to get the idea right, that's all.

    The number patterns is the same from 1 to 10.
    From 11 to 20, you just add a "1" in front of the numbers 1 to 9, as for 10, it becomes 20.

    Just explain this on the board and get the class to repeat it.

    As for the 21 to 30 series, 21 o 29 is the same as writing 1 to 9 but add a "2" in front....

    The thing is that if children can write 1 to 10, writing 1 to 100 is not difficult.

    When teaching, teach in discreet ideas.

    Young minds can absorb one or 2 ideas at a time.
    Make the lesson short, then ask then to try to write on a piece of paper.

    P1 ( 6+ year olds)are very intelligent.

    When my son was 5, (K2 - Singapore) he could do addition, subtraction, word problems, number series.

    All these is covered in 86 lessons in the site (Click to Online lesson) and you can see how math is taught.

    Singapore is the top performing country in the TIMMS in 1997-1998. The same teaching methods and worksheets are there for you to see.

    The student can have an online lesson, then proceed to work on the workbook.


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