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    so sorry for you
    By melissa

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    Dorothy...i'm sorry about the placement with your co-op. my co-op is really great although since this is her first year with a student teacher, it is hard for her not to jump into lessons as well. when she does this, i just politely interrupt her and say "i was getting to that" or "we were going to do that next"(even if i wasn't), smile and continue my lesson. it just lets your co-op know that you are on the same track as her and it cuts her short before she can continue.
    also, for those who are reading this and are justing starting student teaching...make sure to let your co-op know of YOUR expectations as well. too often we assume that we should just grin and bear whatever the co-op makes us do or whatever placement we have. if you talk to your co-op in the beginning about your expectations, there will be no surprises for either of you. i told my co-op that i wanted to learn all different kinds of teaching styles and that i may see if i could sit in on other teacher's classes as well, since i was there to develop my own teaching style. this way, if you really don't like her teaching style, she won't be surprised or offended when you do visit other classes! i also lied and told my co-op that i had a really bad co-op in the past. so i told my new co-op all of the bad things that my old co-op had "done" and how i wished she had handled them and that i'm relieved to find my new co-op is nothing like that. its not nice to lie but it's a really easy and effective way to let your co-op know how you feel about certain issues...

    i hope this helps. email me if you have any questions....
    good luck dorothy...don't be afraid to speak up!!

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