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    Difficult Coop
    By Heather

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    I too have found my coop to be difficult. This is her 34th year teaching, next year will be her last, so she is very set in her ways. I also plan out my lessons and show them to her in advance. So far I have just been teaching math and a little social studies. She lets me do games with the children for math but only the ones that are suggested in the book. When I want to do something that I have thought up for my class or even let them make something to go along with the lesson she shoots down my ideas. My supervisor came in to observe last week and I was doing a math lesson with the children using domino cards, my supervisor said that I should have had the kids each make a domino, which I wanted to do, but before the lesson when I brought that idea up to my coop she said absolutely not, that it is totally not a good idea. I don't see why, I would have liked to try it with the children and if it didn't work out then I would know for the future. My supervisor from my college also gave me a lot of ideas to use with my class that my coop turned down. I wish that she would let me try some different things with my class. If you guys come up with any ideas to help me, email me.

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