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    By roo

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    I agree that HW has its place. It is practice of critical skills or introduced material to work towards mastery. Esp. in math, there is just not enough 'in school' time to practice all that we are learning (and there's pretty much something new every day!) I do usually give math and spelling HW on Mon-Thurs. Spelling is quick and I try to make the math manageable. They may have science HW once a week or once every 2 weeks. They may have SS HW once a quarter. We also ask for 20 min. of reading a night. Part of the purpose of HW is to develop time management and self discipline and responsibility as well. I'd love to be able to give the assignment of practicing math facts every night instead, but when I do give that assignment, and I ask the next day who did it, the result is very few.

    I agree that somehow it seems that we were able to complete HW as kids and our (meaning mine and I'm sure many other) parents wouldn't have dreamed of suggesting that there was too much HW because I needed time for extra curriculars and family time. I agree that these things are important, but so is developing academic skills, and anyone who teaches knows that there aren't enough hours in the day at school to meet the standards we are expected to meet.

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