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    By JulieG04

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    has this fairly well-defined. In North Carolina, we have Protected Workdays and Required Workdays. Protected workdays are for teachers to work in their rooms, no staff meetings or PD allowed. We are allowed to bring our children but they are not to roam the halls! If I cannot get a sitter, then DD comes with me. On required workdays, I know I'm going to be in meetings, so I beg and borrow (haven't had to steal, yet:D) to get some sort of childcare. We are not supposed to bring our children on required workdays. There are one or two high school students I can rely on--one is graduating next year--eek!

    My principal is pretty understanding when child care falls through though, and DD has been doing this since Kindergarten, so she sort of understands what her boundaries are. I'm going to be car pooling with one of her best friends families next year (we don't live in district), so at least she'll have one "buddy" around each day.:)

    I do understand how difficult it is for other teachers to have to "put up with" colleagues' children and I try to be considerate whenever DD is at school on a workday. Thankfully, our staff is very close knit and we've had very few problems with this issue in the past.:s)

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