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    By Sam5

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    I tell my parents that their students should be doing approximately 50 minutes (5th grade) of homework every night, and I do not back off about it! I try to make some of the work I give flexible so a child who is in lots of activities can do it over several different nights. For example, I always schedule projects so there are at least two weekends in there for kids to work on them and students have a week to finish their spelling packets. If a parent tells me their child is too busy to do their homework I point blank tell them that then they have their child overscheduled. I remind them that 10 minutes per grade level is pretty much the norm for homework across the country and that children in other parts of the world are doing even more. I tell them that they do not want their child to get behind. They usually quit complaining then, partly because they know I am not going to back down.

    Realize though, I have been teaching in the same community for 25 years and have taught many of my students' parents so they have a certain level of respect for what I say.

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