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    Student Teacher Shower
    By Joy

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    I have had student teachers in the past and I am currently hosting a fantastic student now. Have you ever considered throwing a Student Teacher Shower? Here is what I have done.

    Children are encouraged to bring in items such as markers, stickers, resource books, cool pens, bulletin board trimmers, notepads,rubber stamps, books, flash cards, manipulatives etc. With much assistance I help the children create a garden scene(flowers, ladybugs, bees, etc) with all of their little finger prints (dipped in bright acrillic paints sp.??) on a giant canvas bag. Once the paint is dry, all the children sign their names with fine line permanent marker pens.
    Later, we fill the bag with all of the little gifts that have been individually wrapped.

    On the last day of the student teacher's placement I present the gift from the whole class so that all students would feel as if they contributed even if they did not send in anything. It has been a great present. My student teachers have loved this personal yet meaningful gift.

    We celebrate with punch and cookies too.

    P.s. Don't forget to add a few gifts yourself along with a memory book written by your students such as ... Why Ms. Brown would be a great teacher. They can draw a picture and you can write their thoughts.

    Let me know what you think!! Good Luck!!

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