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    costume idea
    By chris

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    Here's a really simple one: scarecrow. Wear old clothes, and an old hat. Stuff some raffia (from the craft store, it looks like straw)in the pockets. Putting it in your sleeves is itchy - voice of experience here. You can "paint" on a face using everyday makeup: make ^ shapes above your eyebrows, expand your mouth with an exaggerated "smile". Throw some patches on the clothes, if you want.
    What about a farmer, farmer's wife or a harvest maid (a la mother nature). For the last one, just wear a long dress or skirt, put a wreath of fall leaves/flowers in your hair & carry a basket of fruit & veggies. These can be fake or, better yet, real. Pass them out to the kids!
    Simply dress in the colors of autumn: gold, orange & a touch of brown. Add a wreath of leaves your hair & say you're a tree or autumn leaves.
    Can you sew or know someone who does? What about making one of those "seasonal" vests you can simply cut out & sew together. Some of our veteran teachers have many of these that they have collected over the years.
    Remember, for costumes on a budget, your local resale shop is a god-send. You can sometimes find actual costumes this time of year, or find reasonable priced items of clothing that you wouldn't wear, EXCEPT as a costume. Sometimes you can find some really nice stuff, too! (Great for a new teacher on a budget!)You may even be able to find a pair of bib overalls for the farmer or scarecrow outfit! I have often also seen those "seasonal" vests at resale places.
    I love to dress-up. I showed up at work as the scullery maid version of Cinderella (not often seen)when we wraped up our fairy tale unit. When we finished our desert unit I was a bedouin, in a long white dress, embroidered white blouse, lots of rings & braclets, including a "bell" ankle braclet that jingled all day as I walked! When we had "twin day" I made identical "chiffon" scarfs for all the team members & we all wore basic black pants & shirts. Each of us wore the scarf as we wanted: a hair bow, a belt, or around our neck. The kids LOVED all of it!
    I know it's long,'ll get you started!
    Have fun!

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