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    By Barb

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    ONe idea that may help in your lesson planning and ideas is to think of the multiple intelligences. Many LD students learn in different ways than "regular" students do, so its important to tailor your lessons and routines to accomodate that. Include a variety of ways to teach and assess students based on the ways they learn. You could even try doing a sort of assessment to help determine how they learn best (I dont' know of any in particular, but I know there are assessments out there like that...check with a school counselor or something like that).

    Cooperative learning may also be a useful approach.

    Overall...base your lessons on the school's curriculum...but make adaptations for your students based on their learning styles, and abilities and pace your instruction. What are students doing in the general ed. classrooms at these grade levels and work with that? Talk to general ed. teachers in your school for ideas on what they do...and work those ideas and lessons into your room. If you're working on the writing on the same ideas that the 7th graders are working on..but work slower, give more examples, work as a whole group first, then pairs, then individually. Then conference and give feedback and then allow the students to improve with that feedback.

    Study guides are often a huge help for kids for tests. Outline chapters or do webs to organize the information and connect it to what they know already.

    Good luck!

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