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    meeting room update
    By bzetchr

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    Carrie - you are more than welcome :D

    Westernteach - it took a few ours ... I started by downloading the pdf file from the site. then I opened the pdf a new flipchart, and using the camera tool I toggled back and forth between the two to capture the pieces for the board. Once I got them all into Activstudio, I resized, and kept tweaking until I could fit the completed board on the screen. I did the same with the logo in the center (you will see if you download it from The Planet.) After all that I started creating my own Chance and Community boxes and prize cards. I wanted to make it interactive - the kids coming to the board - so I "hid" the prize cards behind the boxes. I added a few directions around the edges, street names, all of which needed to be put on specific layers, grouped, and locked. Then I figured out what to use for the students' markers - I took the suggestion of another poster (I think for a smartboard) and just used little circles that the kids initials are going to go on. Lastly I added an action button of a die to bring up that power tool for the kids to "roll". This is a very quick summary ... if you haven't worked too much with the software it might not make a whole lot of sense ... I think you can tell it was time comsuming. If you download it, in the page notes there are suggestions for editing it to fit your needs. It will save you some time ;)
    PS - if you want another color for your background - click on the little paint can in your tools, click a color, and click anywhere on the background. Also, you can add colors to the palete - at the top of the tool bar click on main menu button, go to customize, colors, and pick 8, 16, or 24 :cool:

    RE: a meeting room - I got a message back to request one from the Editor, so I PM'd them ... this being a holiday weekend we may not hear for a few days - stay tuned

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