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    I Love Tickets
    By MissFlamingo1

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    I have used them in first and second grade. I give them out when kids are being good or give them to EVERYONE ELSE to try to remind a student to get on task without having to ask them. When they achieve the target behavior, they too of course get a ticket.

    I have a cute basket of tickets and the kids get SOOO motivated by them. On Fridays, they are allowed to "CASH IN" their tickets. I have a store set up and each object gets a value and they can save up for big things or always get little things. My Cash In list is about as follows. I title it: CAUGHT YOU BEING GOOD with a fisherman and pole with a whale on it. :) It's cute.

    5 tickets - 1 sticker
    5 tickets - pencil
    10 - treat bucket (this is just some treats they get to eat in class)
    15 - sit next to a friend (I like this one, it's free for me!)
    20 - show and tell
    20 - sit in the teachers chair
    25 - treasure box (this is my goody box)

    That's all I do for now, but I was thinking about also incorporating some other incentives with the pets in the classroom.

    I'm actually doing this with my Summer School kids and it's working 3rd grade. They are old enough, that on the first day we generated a list that included a lot of the above as well as extra computer time in the morning and drawing paper and MARKERS (they never use markers, only colored pencils and crayons).

    I hope this helps.

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