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    Going to be interesting...
    By fridge

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    It is going to be interesting to see how different districts deal with the new laws. I predict a lot of new jobs in the Department of SEI Compliance, or whatever the name is of the DOE office that's going to oversee this.

    In my area, some new teachers are being hired to teach SEI, but the plan for many schools was that since the actual number of students wouldn't be increasing, the schools would instead juggle around the present teachers to meet the SEI requirements...being that we're all provisionally certified to teach SEI and all (wry smile). There were some panicked teachers last spring. You know how it goes -- if you were just hired the year before, chances are you'd be teaching the SEI as low person on the totem pole. Because many schools are on schoolwide schedules (all second grade teaches reading at the same time, etc.), this can work.

    I took my SEI class through Rio, and if you're willing to pay the $200, it is not at all a bad way to go. I found it pretty easy.

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