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    By SusanTeach

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    I love tickets! I use them at the end of each day. If a child didn't move their pin (have behavior issues) and did their homework, they get a ticket. They put their number on the back and put it in a basket. I draw 2 tickets from the basket each afternoon and those 2 pick from the treasure chest. Those 2 tickets get thrown away, but the others (that weren't picked) stay in there the rest of the week. That way, the kids who were doing what they were supposed to all week get more chances to win. It also lets the kids who messed up on one day still have a ticket in there from another day. On Friday, after I draw, I dump all the tickets and start fresh the next week.

    By the way, because I do the tickets at the end of the day after the kids pack up, it's a great incentive for them to clean around their desks. I won't do tickets until the room is clean - works every time! :)

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