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    By vespergirl

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    Don't know if you have an IKEA nearby, but they usually sell some colorful smaller rugs (5 x 8ish) for around $15 - 20.

    The place to really check, however, is their scratch-and-dent area. Last year I bought a beautiful wool rug (regularly priced $300!) for $19 there, all because someone had drawn one skinny line on it with a Sharpie. Some aggressive cleaning, and the black line became a grey shadow. Big deal.

    The other item I scored big with in the scratch-and-dent area was with kitchen cabinets. I know it sounds weird, but for some reason, people buy them, put the boxes together, and then return them. Ikea sold tons of them last year -- just the boxes, no doors or shelves -- for around $5 each. Ikea also sells shelves separately for a couple of bucks. They're not always the right size, but a little work with a saw takes care of that. I was able to creat a beautiful set of low, faux-wood shelving for my library and spend no more than $40 ... and that included a box of plastic shelf supports from Lowe's to put in the predrilled holes inside the cabinets to support the shelves. What I really like is that they're small and can easily be reconfigured and are deep enough to hold book baskets.

    In fact, writing this has made me think it's time to visit Ikea and see what goodies there might be there in the old scratch-and-dent department this year ...

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