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    writer's workshop
    By Mego418

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    I've been teaching for a year, and I was trained in 6 traits and writer's workshop in college. You will love it once you start! I teach first grade, and this is just the basics of what I do...

    All the kids have a 1" binder - I 3-hole punch the paper at the beg. of the year, they learn to do it eventually. They keep all of their work in here, unless I ask them to turn it into me. I start the year with an idea sheet - they write down their ideas and keep them in the front of the thier notebook. They also keep a page with emotion words/smiley face to go with it, and a sentence starter sheet. They can refer to these whenever.

    I have a writing center where all the paper is stored - lined, unlined, room for a picture, tall paper, long paper, paper with lines on both sides, paper with lines on only one side. I let the students choose which paper they want.

    I'm all about choice during writing. I have my mini-lesson (using feelings, describing words, sticking to the topic, whatever), then I say "Try to practice using describing words/sticking to the topic/whatever today" So they get to choose their own topic, but it relates to what we're learning. I do not use prompts. I had a room full of writers this year, so maybe that's why it worked so well.

    At the beginning of the year, they sat in their seats, but I gradually let them sit elsewhere with a clipboard, in a comfy chair, at the writing table, wherever they could write the best.

    I love writer's workshop..I'm so glad you're going to give it a try!! Good luck!!

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