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    student teachers
    By Cathy-Dee

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    A few other nice things to include might be...

    - copies of your year plans - nice for your student teacher to see how you plan and where they fit into the schedule

    - copies of your unit plans or at least a guideline as to what the topics will be during their teaching time.

    I agree with the last post - talk with your student teacher daily if possible. During my student teaching, the most successful ones were the ones where I had a lot of feedback. During my most important (longest) one, I rarely saw my cooperating teacher. I met with him about 3 times over an 8 week period. He left the school when the kids did.

    Whenever possible try to include your student teacher in your activities or school activities outside the classroom. For example if you belong to any school or district committees or participate in after-school events. This gives them a much broader view of everything that happens within a school. Hopefully they will be a part of the lunchroom, staff meetings, etc.,

    Have fun, I really enjoyed my first student teacher and hope to have another one next year if it works out.

    On a personal note - be prepared for your time-lime to be off a bit. Things just seemed to take longer with my student teacher doing the teaching. She wanted to try things, do a lot of activities, etc., it was great for my kids and for her, but we did get a bit behind in a couple of subject areas. So I had to modify those units to make sure I touched all the main bases.

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