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    By cary

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    BINGO can be waaay easier than that! Write one term in each box & put on overhead or Smartboard - give kids blank Bingo sheet - have them fill in boxes by mixing up where they put them! I have kids mark correct terms with written stars, smiley faces, X's - and we, or course, say the correct aloud so everyone benefits from review

    Other ideas! Have a gallery walk - if you already have created your test - copy it in large print - cut questions into strips and tape around room or in hallway -give kids answer sheet and have them walk around and answer questions - then orally review

    cut 4' strips off large rolls of paper most schools have - write 15 questions really big on the sheets (I have detention students or students who stay after school do it) - divide into groups of 5 - give each group one marker - kids have to work together to answer questions - 1st group to finish stands up and shouts "Go team mascot" - orally review

    give each student a paper plate - fold into 8 sections - have them write a review question for each section - trade with partner and answer questions - just like a worksheet but kids think it's fun cause on a plate

    index card pass - can be used to introduce or review concepts - teacher writes main concept across top of card - kids are in rows - one card per row - 1st in row looks at term - writes synonym or thought about term then passes back - last person reads aloud to class

    Write main ideas, terms or concepts on large strips - spread out and tape across classroom wall or in hall - as students enter give each a smaller strip with a synonym, definition or something have to do with main concept - kids must find tape under the large strip that corresponds

    Cut up test questions into tiny strips - fold and put in plastic Easter eggs - kids pick Easter egg as enter classroom - stand up, read question and answer - can also play in teams - give each group a basket of eggs - 1st to answer correctly on answer sheet wins

    have lots more ideas - also do workshops for schools - email me at - have book Creating Organized Chaos in the Classroom coming out too with tons of hands-on ideas!

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