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    Easter activities
    By Michelle

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    For our day, we will be:

    1 - Rolling eggs - my kids will be setting up simple ramps. Maybe yours would enjoy rolling the eggs with their nose? Or building simple cars to carry the eggs down a ramp. Or maybe rolling the eggs through an obstacle course?

    2 - Sidewalk chalk - We're drawing with egg shaped sidewalk chalk. You can have them illustrate a story you read or even do word puzzles.

    3 - Egg toss - You can also do egg relays where they race with the eggs on a spoon.

    Some things I've used in the past are:

    1 - Egg drop - the kids have to build something to keep the egg from breaking when it is dropped.

    2 - Decorating eggs - You can use real or paper eggs and let them get very creative. Use paints, glitter collage materials, etc. Have a contest.

    3 - Popular characters - Give each child a large bunny or egg cut-out and have them decorate it like their favorite person. We had the children do this at home and bring them in. This was several years ago, but my favorites included the Barbara Bush Bunny (complete with pearls), Michael Jordan Bunny, and Kristi Yamma-bunny (from our ice-skating fan). They also shared information about their bunny with the class.

    4 - You can also do lots of Easter related academic tasks. Put words or story starters in plastic eggs in an Easter Basket. Let the kids take turns choosing. If you use story starters, the kids write and illustrate the stories. Let them work together. If you choose words, start telling the class a story. After about three sentences, pull an egg, open it, read the word aloud, and then tell another sentence in the story using that word. Let the class continue the story as they take turns drawing eggs. The stories get weird sometimes, but the kids love it. You can also do some manipulative math activities based on Easter eggs.

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