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    TTQA-Turn the Question Around
    By Risa

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    This is an idea I copied from the internet a few years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the person or the website location.
    "Yes, I always expect my grade 4 students to respond to comprehension questions (written) in complete sentences. To help them to understand the process I start the school year with a work sheet which I call TTQA (stands for "turn the question around") and I give the students several questions and expected answers, for example:

    What is the population of Canada? (approximately 36 000 000)

    Students are expected to write the answer:

    The population of Canada is approximately 36 000 000.

    I teach them that the question word, such as why, when, who, what, etc. is to be left out of the answer but that all of the other words must be left in. I NEVER let them start the answer of a written question with BECAUSE, as they learn quickly that the word because is a conjunction and that it joins ideas, and doesn't start them. (They are too young to need to know about exceptions, such as in the sentence "Because of the rain, the Smith family stayed home from the soccer game last night.")

    Attached is a worksheet I developed based on this information. I use it at the beginning of the school year.

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