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    By conolley

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    Organization is certainly not my strength, but I've had to work on it quite a bit since I've had my own classroom. Here's a few things that have helped me:

    -I found an old file file paper sorter (kind of like the ones we use for handing back kids' papers, but about 1/2 the sz.). I have one shelf for each day of the week that I put in the copies for that day. The other shelves I use for papers to grade, work in progress, and files for units we're currently working on. I found mine in a storage closet and it works perfectly.

    -I have a basket on my desk that's my mailbox. If the kids have things to bring to me in the morning, they know that's the place to put it. I try to go through it in the morning to check for notes and other things. This helps keep things from getting lost on my desk with other papers!

    -When the kids turn in papers they have a specific basket for each subject. That way after they're all turned in they're already (mostly) sorted. I try to paperclip assignments together at the time so that I don't have to sort them when I go to grade.

    -I got the Target magazine bins to help organize student supplies and keep them out of their desks. (Less to play with and less to get in the way and make a mess.) I got one for each child and we're keeping them on shelves in the back of the room.

    -I always get bogged down with the papers I get in my school box.) I keep a binder of the papers and just stick the important (or ones I think I'll need later) in there in order.

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