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    Time Management
    By Niria

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    I've been Student Teaching for 13 weeks now...and I think I've managed to figure out how to manage my time more wisely. I was in the same boat too...I seemed to spend every waking moment at home or at school - WORKING. This is what I've worked out for myself:
    1. You don't have to grade EVERYTHING! Choose specific assignments that you deem important to assess - but not all. You'll have enough grades at the end. I have a planning period during the day that I use for grading those specific assignments.
    2. Assign one subject a day or 2 max to plan for the next week. For example, on Tuesday afternoons I plan for Language Arts, Wednesday=Math, Thursday=SS/Sci, Fridays=make copies/prepare for next week.
    (Also - I usually make a quick list of "Materials Needed" for the next week as I plan.)
    3. Save time when checking homework. Assign a homework monitor for each group to collect for their table and write down any names of students that didn't bring hw - have a spot for them to drop off the homework and slips. Then all you need to do is mark those that don't have it.
    4. Don't plan fancy stuff for every lesson. A happy medium of both the old fashioned way of teaching and hands on is OK. They need both! Otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy.
    5. RELAX! Make your weekends sacred and don't bring work home. That's YOUR time!! Make commitments with friends or family to have some fun time! I've discovered that when I enjoy and relax on the weekends, I'm a better teacher to my kids during the week(and I smile more!)

    Let me know how things are going! Best wishes!

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