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    math centers
    By ma-bethany

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    we are required to do small math groups every day. so i've divided my class into 2 groups (ideally, i'd like 3 groups but time won't allow for it). anyways, i work with a group of 12 on my carpet teaching whatever skill we're learning.

    the other 12 are involved in centers. i have a TON of centers that i used last year, but right now my student have only been introduced to 3. they each have a partner for centers, so basically they just play games to reinforce addition/subtraction skills. i teach a new center every monday and they practice that center. right now i'm telling them what center they need to do each day. eventually, they'll have the choice to pick the center they want to play with their partner.

    these are my centers right now:

    domino addition : they pick 2 dominoes and write out a number sentence and solve it.

    dice subtraction - roll 2 dice. make a number sentence and find the difference.

    4 in a row - looks like bingo board. they roll 2 dice. add it up and color their square on the board. whoever gets 4 in a row wins.

    card games: addition war. throw out 2 cards. whoever says the sum first, wins the cards.

    make 10 - throw down one card. then figure out what hte other number is that will make 10. example: i throw down a 4. whoever says that 6 is the answer needed to make 10 will win that card.

    money: ask them to find different ways to find a certain amount of money. they can use coins then write down their answers.

    digits: take out 4 cards (or however many cards your kids can handle). they have to write the smallest number that those 4 cards make. then htey have to write the largest number that those 4 cards make.

    i have a ton of other centers that i've used...but i can't seem to remember them. i have a HUGE binder filled with activities. if you need more ideas, i can look in my binder and let you know!

    ALSO, in my small groups I have students that are very high in math. so i just bought evan-moor math centers. i'm going to use these for the kids that finish fast. i don't like to send them back to centers because it messes up my groups. so, instead i send them to another table and they will play these centers (once i make them!!!!)

    there are also great books out there that give tons of examples to use for math centers. the books i have are at school, so i can't remember the name of them!

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