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    By soph

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    I start out my reading block(90 minutes) with a half hour of whole group activities. We use the SMARTboard and I do poetry for fluency, the skill of the week(fact & opinion, compare/contrast etc), vocabulary introduction( I used the powerpoint file on the page I sent you and imported that into SMARTboard notebook), grammar skills and anything else I might want to teach/review. That usually takes a half hour. Our special ed children stay in the room for this part and then leave. Then I introduce the story from the 3.1 book to start the year. We listen to half of it on tape and then do a vocab worksheet. I also assign their reader's response journal activity. They have to write 4 sentences where they predict what will happen next in the story. I meet with the green group while the others are working on these activities. We do a SMARTboard review of the vocabulary again and then do their vocab worksheet in group. I give the spelling prestest and then assign their words. Depending on how they did on the pretest, they may have 8, 10, 15 or 20 words. Then I assign the spelling sheet. We go over the grammar transparency on the SMARTboard, and then I assign that worksheet.

    Tuesday I do the same whole group half hour of word work on the SMARTboard. We do the powerpoint from that site I sent and do Guess the covered word. Once again I imported it into smartboard notebook, so that the kids actually touch the board and move the words etc. My special ed kids leave at 9 again, and I review yesterday's half of the story, and we listen to the second part. Then they have a worksheet on the vocab skill. They use their reader's response journal again and do a dictionary activity with the vocab words. They choose two words to look up, define, write the part of speech, draw a picture of and give a sentence for. They use their 3.1 book to do this. I meet with my green group while they are doing this, and we review the phonics for the week and do the worksheet together. (The green group activites come from the back of each teacher's manual on the TR2a, TR2B, TR4a, TR4b etc pages) I also review spelling and grammar and assign the worksheets.

    Wednesday we meet whole group for the first half hour and do skills work. ( I do phonics skills from the manual, grammar review, whole group skill, and another vocabulary review) Then the special ed kids leave, and I go over grammar and reading work and assign worksheets. We don't have a spelling sheet Wednesdays. This is the day I start my leveled groups. Each group has 20 minutes. I meet with green, yellow and blue. While I meet with them, the others do their centers for the day and their seat work. On Wednesday I did computer center where they worked on our web page. The second center was word ladder. They worked in groups for all centers except computer. The green group works with much support. I usually read the leveled reader story with them, and they complete their worksheet on vocab in the group.

    Thursday we do whole group activities again. Then I assign any grammar, spelling or reading worksheets. I meet with my three groups again, each for 20 minutes. While we meet, the others do their morning work and centers. Thursday's center was a scavenger hunt from that web site. They work in groups to complete. After they finish, they do paired reading of the story from the 3.1 book. Green group again needs a lot of support.

    Friday we do a half hour of whole group again. I do the research type worksheet on the SMARTboard with them, and then assign it. This is the sheet on pages 10, 20 etc. Then the children do the selection test. They use their books to find the answers. I REQUIRE this and the SF training told us this. After they finish, and I don't let anyone finish before at least 20 minutes have gone by, they do three centers. One is Little Exporer's Research from Enchanted Learning's web site, one is SRA reading from the kit and one is Mountain Language. Mountain language they do in groups. I do 10 cards and have those clipped together with a ring, so they can take them to the floor. It worked better than having them on a bulletin board.

    I have a lot of centers from Evan Moore and Mailbox ,and I may try to fit those in next year. I tried this past year, but it was my first year using centers, and it got to be too much.

    Hope this helps. The web site I posted was by a Literacy Specialist and includes things she made and things other teachers have sent her that they use. Scott Foresman does have a web site that has all the worksheets and Leveled Reader books that you can download. The kids can listen to the Leveled Reader story or read along with it.

    This isn't the plan the Reading Street manual has, but it was what worked for me. You have to find something that works for you and is manageable. It is always a work in progress as I continue to change and modify things.

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