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    marble jar
    By Tigercat

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    I use a marble jar, also. I have a big jar because I give it in sets of 5's, 10's, etc. (For some reason, the noise from 10 marbles going in is huge to kids) For example, if my class earns a compliment in the hall from another teacher, that's 5. If I leave the room to go to the bathroom and I get a good report from the student "in charge", that's another 5. A visit from the principal can earn 10, etc. If I have a sub and there are NO bad reports, I give 20. In years past, we would do some sort of popcorn party, etc. Last year, I did away with all of that and just did extra recess. It has worked great. It's free, and I try to find a time when there are no other classes outside. Also, I have a student each week who is in charge of the marble jar. Oh, when I receive a phone call, and the class gets really quiet, I give 5.

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