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    Human body
    By dh

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    I just finished my student teaching. One of the things we did was learn about all the different body systems. We reinforced this with making our own Frankenstein Man ( it was around Halloween). Anyway, we created the internal organs from clay. We used a small box placed inside his shirt, we placed and glued the organs inside the box. Each student got to make an organ. The students could open Frank's shirt, and view his heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, galbladder etc. Needlesstosay, the actual making of the organs with the hands on experiences, helped to reinforce all they had learned. Other classrooms came in to see our "creation", the students got even more reinforcement explaining to the other students. I hope this helps I had meant to answer this post, just never had the time. Good Luck Let me know if you could use this.

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