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    time management
    By musicbean

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    I agree with Judy24. I used to feel really overwhelmed by all the things I had to do until I learned to use my planning time better. I have 6-30min blocks a week and that's lots of time to get many things done. One thing I try to do is plan as much as I can a week in advance (I do it on Thursday afternoons). I get together all the things I need to photocopy, and a parent volunteer does it for me on Friday so it's ready for the next week. Maybe you have a volunteer who could do this for you? It only takes mine about 20 min once a week. This means that I can use my planning period marking, writing lesson plans, etc.

    As for keeping the room clean - what grade do you teach? I expect my students to keep the room tidy. No one is dismissed from their desk at the end of the day until their area is tidy. I also have classroom assistants who are responsible for things like cleaning the boards, organizing papers (I give each student a number that they put on all their work - then the helper just orders them numerically - saves me a lot of time and I can quickly see who didn't hand work in). Even young kids can be expected to tidy around their desk and their cubby. Don't feel like you have to do everything.

    One more tip - you don't have to grade everything students do. I bought a stamp that says "read but not corrected" and sometimes I just look at things to see if they were completed, get an idea of how well it was understood (try and look at a couple of low, medium and high level student's papers), and then I just stamp it. Parents know that I saw it but I didn't spend a whole planning period marking.

    Sorry this was so long, but I really do think learning to use your planning time is key.

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