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    Might help you, may not- but it's what I do
    By Judy24

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    I really try to use my plan time better. I found a few years ago that I always had to take things home when the teacher (a veteran of 23 years) never did, so I asked her. She explained very nicely that during her plan time that's what she did. She graded papers, she wrote lesson plans, and did her teacher stuff. Then she said what do you do on your plan? I said the same thing usually. She again said very nicely then what are doing in my room talking to me? I realized then that I talked a lot to other teachers on my plan time. Now I use my 30 minutes to do just what she does. I don't go down to the office until I have a stack of stuff and I shut my door and do my thing. It seems so small but it's really helped. I can get so much done if I just work for the straight 30 minutes. I use lunch time and meeting time to bounce ideas off of colleagues and just chat. I also talk to you all on Proteacher instead.

    Parent calls are another issue though. I found out that if I use my cell phone to call parents, I can take a portion of the bill as a tax deduction. I now call parents on the way home from school so that I'm not wasting time at school or using my home time consumed with school.

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