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    Words their way
    By parentdopey

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    Hi, We use WTW at our school, this was the first year. I think it is a great program. In the book there is spelling test you give the students. You go through the results and mark on a sheet that is in the book. Once they have five wrong you can tell what level they are at. Once you have found all the levels you can put students into groups (I had three groups). Each week the students get new words to cut out (there is a different skill each week depending on the level), my low ones started with short vowels while my high group started with consonant, vowel, consonant, e words. I met with each group once a week and we talked about the words and sorted them out together, the other students were doing word activities like timing eachother as they sorted their words, looked in books for their words, or they did blind sorts (in the book). I told students that on Friday I would choose words for their test, a lot of the words are related (same beginning or word family. I hope this helps. The book explains everything and gives great ideas.

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