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    By Karyn3rd

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    My students create a quilt each year. Our first theme of the year in Reading is "Customs and Traditions". We spend the first few weeks reading stories that highlight different customs and traditions and charting those in the classroom. We read books like Saturdays and Teacakes, The Keeping Quilt, Big Mama's , and Chicken Sunday. Each student gets a quilt square that is really a piece of 8 1/2 " x 11" card stock. Students include a picture of themselves participating in a family custom or tradition, write a paragraph describing the tradition, and include a venn diagram comparing and contrasting their family custom and tradition with one of the traditions we read about in school through different read alouds. They also decorate the piece with anything else they wish. They bring these in and I have them laminated. I hole punch the corner and use colorful ribbon to tie the pieces together. I will typically add a few extra quilt squares with pictures of our own customs and traditions from our class. This hangs outside our door all year. Parents, visitors, and other teachers love the way this looks. I will be going up to school sometime next week and can try and take pictures of some of the quilts from years past. It is a great project that allows students to show what they've learned and allows everyone to be represented.

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