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    6th Grade Supplies
    By jch

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    When it comes to pencils, I just put pencils. 6th graders are old enough to know they'll need to supply them throughout the year. You can see below that our team avoided a specific number for a number of items.

    I no longer offer a supply of basics for use. I made this decision after losing way too much stuff. I'd even tape silk flowers to the top of pencils and they'd pull them off. Nope, they can borrow from classmates. I did implement a "preparedness" grade last year and it was very successful. They got 2 points for coming prepared, 0 if anything was missing. In the grade book, it was a weekly grade worth 10 points. It was done very quickly at the beginning of class.

    1 ream of copier paper - white (we have just adopted Accelerated math and the presenter suggested this)
    Crayola 12 pack colored pencils
    Binder (optional)
    Pencil pouch
    #2 pencils
    Sharp point scissors (we had some kids brining those small blunt tipped for young students)
    2 large boxes of tissues
    5-6 spiral notebooks
    blue or black pens
    ruler with metric/standard
    1 –8 oz bottle of Elmer’s glue
    glue sticks
    5 pocket folders
    combination lock

    P.S.- Love your dog!

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